Natural media painting, video, animation, 3D, visual effects

Cinematic visual FX in a familiar painting environment

Breakthrough real-time howling performance

Mapping to Gradient improvements
Adjustable Gradient Tool

Howler 2021.4 is here!

New CLAHE filter (Contrast Limited Adaptive Histogram Equalization)
New Histogram Equalize and High Pass Sharpen filters
Realtime Median and Highpass filters
Re-implemented entire convolve menu and displacement menu
Re-Implemented blur tools for better speed, quality, and GPU utilization
New Blur by Alpha, and Vignette Blur filters
Substantial performance improvements for painting on large images
Airbrush creation tool and the pen tool now go to 1,000%
One-click feature replacement moves out of the experimental stage
New filters - box fitting - particle sparks - Lorenz attracter and more
Rewritten eyedropper tool can now pick onscreen colors
Loading and saving of settings / keyframes in revamped Puppyray
New options to flip and rotate the custom brush
More drawing tablet friendly sliders
Improved multi-monitor support remembers the last used monitor
New GUI components and extensive GUI improvements
Revamped visual recently used document list.  Store from the list
Reorganized info panel
Create layers from stored images
Multiple selection when loading files
Substantial performance improvements
Overhauled animbrush sequence loading
Invert alpha for animated brushes

2020 and recent...

Sprite presets in Particle Modeler
Stored images no longer use memory and reload after a crash
Rewritten Brush Shape panel and media browser
Legacy internal brushes replaced with new brush system
Export H264 and WMV video formats.
Auto-magic blemish / feature removal
Match the palette of one image to that of another image
Animate with the line and circle tools
Polar designer for texture creation
New stamp tool and rewritten text tool
Search and sort images by similarity
Improved curve, rotoscoping, exposure sheet, and frame painter
Media browsing improvements in Howler 2020
Polar Designer

Rotoscoping for VFX
Brush shape panel improvements
The Brush Timeline
Painting a tree in Howler 2021
First look at Howler 2021
Exposure Sheet project
Poisson Blending and Feature Removal
Feature Removal project
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